Donated items arrive in Barbuda

Posted On 02 Oct 2017
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The donations arrive in Barbuda, February 2!

Food and supplies donated by Mamakating residents have been unpacked from barrels in a church in Barbuda and will soon be distributed.


Barbuda Hurricane Relief Collection

Hurricane Irma left the island of Barbuda uninhabitable. Ninety-five percent of the island’s buildings were damaged. All those on the island were evacuated to nearby Antigua. A local family lost their family home and the homes and businesses of many extended family members. In October they volunteered to transport supplies to a church in NYC, from which the items will be shipped to Barbudan residents in need. A collection was held at the library through the first week in November and Mamakating residents contributed supplies and non-perishable food generously.

“To everyone at our local library who took the time to donate. On behalf of the members of Living Faith Church and the people of Barbuda we express our sincerest gratitude for the love you expressed to our people after Hurricane Irma devastated our beautiful island in the form of the many donations given. We appreciate each and every donation, every effort that was put forward by you wonderful people of Wurtsboro. Thank you all once again. May God bless us all.”– Pastor J.W. Punter of Living Faith Church, Barbuda, W.I. and the Webber Family of Wurtsboro 







For information about how to make contributions to the residents of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, please see Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort.